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Investing into a swimming pool was an easy choice to make for the owners, because they were looking for a way to improve the quality of their family life and enjoy more time together as a family.
Modern stairs with beach
Stone grey
The professionals from Sollazzo & Wetzel, who designed the garden for the customer 8 years ago, provided invaluable advice and support once again. Thanks to this close cooperation, we executed a pool concept, which precisely meets the owners’ needs and wishes.

When choosing a NIVEKO pool, the crucial fact was not only its high quality, but also the option to adapt the pool to the family’s specific requirements.

The customers chose the silent version of the overflow Advance named Whisper, which ensures that overflowing is absolutely silent for an undisturbed experience. The 8 x 3.9 x 1.5 m pool affords not only a place to relax, but also somewhere to spend free time actively. The pool is fitted with Modern stairs, with a spacious beach and a six-metre aeration bench, which is ideal for relaxing. The elegant spout provides the opportunity for a pleasant neck and shoulder massage, which contributes to the overall convenience.
The built-in counter-current Fluvo offers maximum use for sports, which both beginners and experienced swimmers are sure to appreciate. The Aquadeck - PC Solar Metalic solar slats, which are hidden in a slatted cover pit, help heat the water.

The pool is now used by the whole family, which includes three children who are now able to have fun in the water every day and at the weekends. One of the children even uses the pool for swimming lessons, which is of great added value to the family.

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