Mobile nPooL control application

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Mobile nPooL control application Mobile nPooL control application

Easy to control from anywhere

With the nPooL control application you can control your pool using your tablet or smartphone easily and from anywhere – from work, when travelling or even from your NIVEKO pool. The application is available for download on Apple and Android devices.


Absolute control

Get a detailed overview of the status of your pool. Our mobile application will tell you everything about the temperature and cleanliness of the water, the filtration, but also about the slat cover or pool lighting, and you can set everything up how you like it. The application will automatically notify you if any problems arise.


Connecting other devices

Did you know that the nPooL control application can also control other smart devices around your swimming pool, such as outdoor lighting on the terrace or your barbecue? Everything is ready with just one click. And your relaxing evening can begin.


Regular maintenance and service

Enjoy undisturbed peace of mind and leave the rest to us. Your NIVEKO partner will have a complete overview of the status of your pool and will arrange regular maintenance and service. Even if you’re not home – our partner can use the system to control your swimming pool directly from his office.

Mobile nPooL control application



Water filtration

Slatted cover


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