About us

Our philosophy

With our approach we want to reach out to and inspire not only our customers, but also our colleagues, partners and suppliers.

We are seeking and finding a balance in our business, our creative and technical processes, the cycle of nature, and also in the life of each one of us.
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The foundation of life

Beautiful, pure yet so strong. Without it there could be no life on the planet Earth. A gift from the heavens or one of the four elements? For us water is everything.

With a love for nature

We have managed to combine nature with the beauty of human craftsmanship to achieve perfect clean lines. We create our pools with love and with respect for our planet. We are constantly seeking new solutions and ways.

Sharing joy

Together we create a place where you can enjoy some unforgettable moments with your loved ones. That’s what gives our work and life meaning. As relationships are fundamental to human happiness.

Our philosophy


We are linked by water, as well as the desire to discover, create and improve the world around us. It is not easy to tame such a powerful element, and so we respect anyone who works with care and dedication to ensure the unique quality of our pools.


We take loving care of nature and the environment – by recycling all our unused material, saving water through smart filtration and our nPooL control application, or by recharging energy at our electric car stations.


Appearance is important. We keep up with the latest trends and work with our partners to constantly develop new design elements that accentuate the simplicity of your swimming pool even further. You’re also sure to appreciate their functionality and practicality.


We use High-Tech Polymer material to build our pools; this is currently the most cutting-edge material in the field. It contains UV stabilisers and is highly resistant to chlorine, so you can keep on enjoying that perfectly smooth surface.


We are certain of the quality of our work. That is why our pools come with an above-standard guarantee and we provide you with complete service work. The very smallest detail is important for us, as that is the only way to create a place where you can relax undisturbed.

We support UNICEF

We have always been considerate and respectful of our surroundings. Social responsibility and the environmental aspect of our business have always been key priorities of ours right from the very beginning. In today’s globalized world we all share a common home – the planet Earth. Water is the basis of life, the element that connects us all and that no one can live without. However, we are aware that there are places on Earth where drinking water is in short supply, and so we have decided to help.

Support UNICEF

By supporting programmes focused on drinking water and hygiene (WASH) implemented by the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), in 2021 we managed to provide 24 944 567 litres of drinking water for children and families in crisis situations. The WASH programmes are also aimed at improving hygiene and sanitation for those most in need in crisis-stricken areas, where clean drinking water plays an absolutely crucial role. However, this problem can be resolved and we are delighted to have contributed our drop in the ocean of changes aimed at making the world a better and more sustainable place.


Our story


We found a company that makes environmentally-friendly products


We produce our first pool using thermoplastic welding technology


We expand into the countries of Western Europe


Our Whisper pool wins us an award from the Belgian Pool Association


We receive an award as International Team of the Year at the UK Pool & Spa awards


We launch a unique solution of overflow gutter design onto the market


We now supply pools to 18 countries in Europe and complete our new company premises


We become members of the international Pollet Pool Group concern


We win first place in bsw Awards in the Private Outdoor Pool category


We establish cooperation with UNICEF


We build a new production hall


Become an official partner

What do you get?

First-class products

You will be able to offer your customers quality one-piece pools ready for immediate installation.

Personal manager

Your personal NIVEKO manager will be fully at your service. You can contact him about practically anything.

The support of a strong group

By joining up with NIVEKO and the Pollet Pool Group corporation you gain know-how and the support of a strong group.