The Mitter family

The Mitter family


We have four grandchildren at home; the fifth one is expected. As we are well aware that our children are fond of water, the idea of spending a day with our five children on a crowded public beach in the summer season was unimaginable to me. That is why we wanted to fulfil a “little” dream to them and to ourselves as well by purchasing our own pool.

Year of installation



Czech Republic



After work I tend to want peace and quiet and time to relax, just with my family or close friends.

Frankly speaking, also my profession of a dentist requires everyday contact with people, from morning till evening. My relationship to the human society is very positive, I always like to see my clients; to be honest, however,, leaving my work, I prefer to search for calm and relaxation in a narrow circle of my family and close friends. If you are young, such thoughts usually do not come up to your mind; in the course of time, however, one starts to search for comfort to clear up one’s mind.

Responsibility to work, people and products

In the past, we had never heard of the NIVEKO company; or rather, we had never been interested in either a pool or pool manufacturers. As soon as the idea of purchasing a pool first occurred, we also started to be more concerned about a company which would implement it for us. Because we were building our family house at that time, a certain architect recommended the NIVEKO company to us.

It was our first visit to the company office, its manufacture and responsibility with which they approach their work and product, with which this company addressed and inspired us. From the beginning, out dealings with Mr. Kubík, the seller in charge, were excellent. We were encouraged by his, and not only his, approach to us, which was the reason that our interest in a pool remained with that company.

Swimming recharges me

We are very satisfied with the pool. Having the pool for themselves, our grandchildren gambol cheerfully, while we can enjoy peaceful moments with them. Although I am not a professional swimmer, if I go swimming, I am able to swim even 45 minutes … swimming simply recharges me.

What suits us as well is that the company provides services like winterizing the pool and putting it into operation, which we gladly utilize every year.