The McGuiness family

The McGuiness family


In 2006 we were on holiday in Spain and we were relaxing in a hottub in a the middle of a charming hotel that was built as a Hacienda arround a central square. During this enjoying of the silence and atmosferic lightning, my wife and I spoke about the possibility to build the same concept in England if our comMry is to be succesful in the future.


Freedom Leisure

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Great Britain



Our pool with its built-in whirlpool has become the heart of our hacienda. We use it 365 days a year.

Our dream came true 6 years later : a swimming pool with an integrated whirlpool is the heart of a hacienda that is surrounding it. All views from every single window is towards to the NIVEKO pool. In one of the houses nearby are living my parents.

Like a pool from a magazine

The pool is used in the summer like very pool for an active swimming; the whirlpool is being heated at 35 ° for 365 days a year. In winter, we have a drink and snacks in our whirlpool and the swimming pool stays open without the cover. We enjoy our swimming pool 12 months a year. As I mentioned before, it is the center of our property. Thanks to the automatic lighting system with RGB, the pool looks like a picture taken out of a journal.