The Franke family

The Franke family


At the very edge of the national Dübener Heide Nature Park, in the quiet part of the little town of Bad Düben, is situated a luxury family villa with an extensive garden and a pool, the minimalistic contours of which are harmoniously in tune with the quite unique estate. Strict requirements and a detailed conception were of concern here in as much as the project is extensive and the owner of the residence, doctor Franke, never leaves anything to chance.


DAS-Pool Ingenieurbüro Schade

Year of installation






 The minimalist contours of our pool harmoniously match our architecturally unique house and its large garden.

We bought the pool for fun and amusement with our children and grandchildren. First of all, we intended to incorporate the pool into the existing terrace area in a pleasant way as well as to preserve our inherent individuality and creativity. NIVEKO was an obvious choice thanks to its high quality as well as natural design.

Distinctive lines and minimalist overflow

We wanted an overflow solution; subsequently, the specific type was recommended to us by the representative company as well as the geographically nearest specialists – the company of Schwimmbad Ingenieurbüro Schade, NIVEKO Profi – Partner. Having carefully listened to all of our requirements, they fulfilled our wishes – distinct lines and minimalistic overflow of the pool with dimensions of 14 x 4.5 x 1.5 m, without the pool protruding too much.

Counter current turbine

The staircase along the entire pool width then literally invites you either to relax or directly jump into the pool. The imaginary icing on the cake is then the counter-flow Binder turbine, with a flow rate of up to 160,000 litres of water per minute. Despite the substantial size of the pool, this was a requirement the owner was unwilling to abandon, which he has definitely not regretted.