Mrs Larsen

Mrs Larsen


The Danish town of Hornbæk, famous for its beautiful beaches, is a favourite target destination for those seeking peace and relax embraced by nature. There are picturesque cottage neighbourhoods in one of which Mrs. Larsen and her husband have their house.


Berle Pool

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NIVEKO Plus Overflow Advance

My husband and I spend a lot of time in the garden and by the pool, our friends feel like at home here.

With regard to our age we spend a lot of time relaxing. We fell in love with Hornbæk and walks along its beautiful beaches, but the water here is so cold for most of the year that it is impossible to swim in it. Last year this led us to the idea of ​​buying a garden pool. After exploring the market, we decided for the Berle Pool. It was immediately clear that the elegant style NIVEKO pool would be the right choice for us.

Pool and friends

A professional, inspiring and well-prepared team welcomed us at Berle Pool. The result is fantastic. Thanks to the acquisition of the NIVEKO Overflow Advance pool we can swim any time as well as our friends, who we often meet here. Many of them were even inspired by our pool and visited the Berle Pool. For regular maintenance during the season, we also decided to use the services of Berle Pool. Thanks to the fact that they provide all the maintenance, we are not worried about anything connected to the pool and it only makes us happy.