Mr De Meuter

Consistent right-angled style

Consistent right-angled style

NIVEKO pools are famous for their rectangular shapes. After all, they offer plenty of space to allow them to be combined with modern architectural features. When they’re set properly into the overall concept they create a unique impression with a timeless design – which was exactly the case with Mr De Meuter and his NIVEKO pool.
Modern stairs
Stone grey
From the very beginning he’d been considering a monopool type, especially due to the excellent workmanship quality and the fact that they are so quick to install. The many positive reviews posted by NIVEKO pool owners gave him a good impression of the brand.

Mr De Meuter came across the NIVEKO Profi Partner DLD Pools by chance, as he was driving past their building and noticed their advertising banner, and then looked up the company on the internet. As he lives in the neighbourhood, it was no problem to quickly arrange a meeting and start putting the project together. Another advantage was that the company owners were present during the pool installation. This made it easy for any service work to be done after the installation and dealt with promptly.
A clear vision of a modern style was the driving force behind the whole project – the grey NIVEKO Skimmer Invisible measuring 9.0 x 3.7 x 1.5m is the perfect choice for this, while the Modern steps were the best option in order to accentuate the rectangular shape of the pool. As NIVEKO makes its pools to measure, it was possible to match the entire project with the surrounding stones, while the bed of lavender and the lawn around the pool further enhanced the natural look.

Whole family is delighted with the pool. DLD Pools did an excellent job working with the landscape architect and actually installing the pool, which was carried with a fine sense of detail and perfect workmanship. Mr De Meuter’s main aim was fulfilled – a modern garden project that is both practical and aesthetic.

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