G. family

A royal view

A royal view

The G. family have what can literally be described as a royal view of the beautiful rural Belgian landscape every day. The meticulously landscaped garden with its closely-cropped lawn and open countryside right next door are the ideal place for relaxing and recouping one’s energy. There was just one thing missing to make it perfect – a pool, which will transform those hot summer days into the most eagerly awaited time of year for the whole family.
Stairs along the pool width
Stone grey
The idea of a place for the whole family, especially the children, to relax and have fun, was what led to a meeting with the NIVEKO Profi Partner DLD Pools. The main aim of this meeting was to give the G. family an insight into the extensive portfolio of NIVEKO pools and their various features and advantages. The G. family appreciated the fact that DLD Pools is close to where they live and so they had the chance to see a NIVEKO pool already installed and on show, and eventually they chose the same type. They opted for a stylish grey Skimmer Invisible measuring 10 x 3.7 x 1.5m with steps all along the width of the pool.

Everything went according to plan – at subsequent meetings they agreed on the finer details of the project and the steps to be taken. It was very important for the G. family that their garden would be disrupted as little as possible during the installation of the pool, which DLD took into account and all the work was carried out with the greatest possible care. The G. family is delighted both the pool itself, as well as with the excellent support provided by DLD.
“All it takes is one telephone call and Lieve and Stefan from DLD are ready to help. Stefan even sorted out one small problem for us on a Sunday morning!” The right choice of pool size, made precisely to measure, coupled with the option to control the features using a smartphone app, not to mention a cleaning robot, all go to add the finishing touches to this comprehensive project – a NIVEKO pool that the whole G. family is delighted with.

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