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Pool Deck

Thoughts on the development of our pool area

I am an independent contractor usually having no free time.

Once, during my leisure time, I was on a visit to the lake to have a swim and relax,  what is extremely rare. The drive to the lake and back again has done little for rest and relaxation. Also, staying at the lake with no clean water and the annoying attacks of the mosquitoes were also not pleasant.

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  • Year of installation
  • State
  • Dealer
    Arosa Schwimmbad- und Saunatechnik GmbH
  • Specification
    NIVEKO overflow type Multi with nature stones - Individual design

3D visualization

3D visualization



NIVEKO overflow type Multi with nature stones - Individual design

Pool dimensions

Length10,00 m

Width3,50 m

Depth1,35 m



OverflowNature black stones, individual solution

Pool colourWHITE Polystone

BenchSeat bench - individual shape + foot zone with massage jets

StepsInternal steps - individual


LampsMTS 300W - ABS + stainless steel cover

JetsMTS Stainless steel

Jet streamTurbine - individual

Cover of the pool

PIT solution

SlatsPC solar

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