Mobile application nPooL control

Control your pool with a single click

For even more comfortable use of your pool, we have developed the application nPooL control, which enables you to spend trouble-free moments full of peace, relaxation and entertainment at your pool. The aim is to provide maximum comfort of the pool control and reduce the demands for maintenance as well as detailed knowledge of the extensive pool system. The application monitors the pool state in real time and enables its easy control from any place.

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Control of all standard functions

Fully programmable system enabling connection and control of most of the pool technology components which are available today.

Control via a tablet or phone by means of the Apple and Android application.

Online overview of the pool condition.

Guards your pool

Safe pool control, crucial functions are secured by a PIN code.
Limitation of operation of attractions.
Automatic information if a problem occurs.

And many more functions

The nPooL control system is also able to control equipment around your pool, such as external terrace lighting and gridiron, and thus make their use even more pleasant for you.

Gets you closer to your
swimming pool partner

Your pool supplier will have a better overview of its condition and will take care of its regular maintenance or service

If you are absent, it is able to control the system from its office directly according to your demand and wish

Thus you can easily pass all responsibility and care for your pool on someone else…

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